Power BI


What is Power BI? And is it something for us?

More and more people have heard of Power BI and are wondering if it could be something for them. In this video, I answer that question in a few minutes!

Getting data from the web

When you're putting data from a website into Power BI, you'll encounter two problems. Learn how to deal with both in this short video.

Why controllers will increasingly use Power BI

In an inteview with Controllers Magazine, I talked about the impact of Power BI for the controller's profession. June 21, 2021 by Henk-Jan Buist Although Power BI is not quite a replacement for Excel, the tool is used by more and more business controllers. This makes sense, because where Excel is primarily [...]
Debugger Poster.pptx

The DAX Debugger tool in Tabular Editor 3

Understanding and debugging your #DAX in #powerbi just got much easier and faster with the DAX Debugger tool in Tabular Editor 3. In this video, I demonstrate the tool with some DAX that doesn't give the expected result. And I show you how to use the debugger to find the cause [...]
Demo Time Paginated reports in Power BI - What is all the fuss about? - Microsoft Power BI Report Builder

Paginated reports in Power BI

A paginated report on a #Powerbi report page can be an excellent solution when you have a large table and want to export it to PDF, share only that table or when you want to print it. Learn all about it in this video!