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Joining Tables in Power BI

These are the 4 varieties of table joins in Power BI, given in M (Query Editor) and their equivalents in DAX. I initially created this one-pager as a reference for myself but would like to share it with all my Power BI friends out there.
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The art of designing a Power BI model

Before you start building a new Power BI model, it is crucial to first establish the context. I have facilitated many Lean VSM (Value Stream Mapping) initiatives in order to make a process (more) lean.

Turboboost je forecast proces met Power BI en Power Apps

Door de kracht van Power BI en Power Apps te combineren kan het forecast proces veel robuuster, transparanter en effici├źnter worden ingericht.

Project Management in Power BI

When you're managing your projects in Power BI, I can highly recommend the Gantt chart by MAQ software. You can download it for free and it is extremely easy to use.

Wat kun je met Tabular Editor in Power BI?

Het schrijven en beheren van je metingen (measures) kan veel eenvoudiger met behulp van de Tabular Editor. Tijdens een aflevering van GetResponseLIVE heb ik hier meer over verteld.