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TopN and Others in DAX and M Code

In order to create a barchart showing the Top 5 clients and all of the other clients combined in a sixth bar, you're going to have to write some DAX or M code. In this video, I'll show both.

Waarom Excel niet geschikt is voor een Financieel Model

Ondanks dat ik over de jaren zelf talloze Financiële Modellen heb ontwikkeld met behulp van Excel, ben ik toch tegenstander van het gebruik ervan voor dat doeleinde

Change a Column Name in the Power BI Query Editor without hardcoding

Sometimes, when bringing in data in the query editor, you need to change the name of a column that isn't always the same in the source.

Joining Tables in Power BI

These are the 4 varieties of table joins in Power BI, given in M (Query Editor) and their equivalents in DAX. I initially created this one-pager as a reference for myself but would like to share it with all my Power BI friends out there.

The art of designing a Power BI model

Before you start building a new Power BI model, it is crucial to first establish the context. I have facilitated many Lean VSM (Value Stream Mapping) initiatives in order to make a process (more) lean.