As an organization, you have a lot to do with numbers and statistics. And that is necessary, because you want to know how you are doing. 

Data is often scattered across multiple systems. This makes it difficult to get the right insight. Programs such as Excel ultimately offer limited possibilities, which means that a lot of manual work is required. In addition to being time-consuming, manual processes are enormously error-prone. One small error can invalidate an entire report. This can be different and easier! Power BI turns data into insight in the form of accessible reports and visual dashboards. This way the right people always know how the organization is doing!

Minova teaches organizations to work with Power BI through training and consulting.

Power BI Training

Minova has developed 5 different Power BI training courses that we provide in-company. The trainings are aimed at organizations and teams who want to use Power BI or even for the advanced user to get the most out of it.

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Hiring a Power BI specialist

As an organization, you know that Power BI is the solution to gain insight into all data. Yet there is no one in the house who can fully take on this task. Our specialists are happy to help make Power BI successful, so that clear reports and dashboards are available.

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About Minova - Power BI specialists

Our specialists have been working with Power BI since its inception. Like no other we know how to make data transparent. We can find a solution for even the most complex cases. Implementing Power BI is custom work and our specialists always go the extra mile to make sure the right people know how the organization is doing.

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About Minova - Power BI specialists

Power BI training courses: Years of experience turned into 5 training courses.

Minova trainers are certified by Microsoft and know how to combine Power BI knowledge with enthusiasm and passion, conveying not only the necessary technical knowledge but also the joy of Power BI.

Power BI consulting: from full implementation to just a brief question.

Minova Consultants are Microsoft certified and have years of Power BI experience gained in practice at a wide variety of organizations. We can help with:

After we got our data warehouse and data quality in order, Marnix helped us leverage them for interactive clear Power BI dashboards that help both users and management to work and make decisions in a data-driven way.

He also enthused and trained the users to be able to apply Self-service BI to the maximum on this basis.

He knows how to combine knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and humor very well, which allowed us to achieve a lot in a short time, seemingly effortlessly.

Robert Kühne

WestlandUtrecht Bank/Manager Risk

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