Soft skills are more important than hard skills

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When it comes to #powerbi, soft skills are more important than hard skills!

Let me give you an example:

A data analyst has built a terrible report that is ugly, slow to respond, poorly designed and provides a terrible user experience.


But, the analyst made sure the report users were involved from the beginning, organized thorough user kick-off and adoption sessions, and proactively took care of post-service. Therefore, the report is actually used and important decisions are based on it. As time passes, the analyst receives feedback from the users and slowly but surely incorporates all the feedback, making the report a perfect fit for the users' information needs!


In contrast, another data analyst has built a beautiful report that has excellent performance, a professional look and feel and is easy to use. The analyst is convinced that everyone will fall in love with the report at first sight, so nothing is done in terms of user adoption. Upon completion, the report is emailed and that's it.

Nobody uses that report! End of story.

Ultimately, you don't have to have excellent soft skills to make a Power BI project successful. However, you do need to pay explicit attention to change management when developing and sharing a Power BI report.