Soft Skills are more important than hard skills

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When it comes to #powerbi, soft skills are more important than hard skills!

Let me give you an example:

A data analyst built an awful report which is ugly, slow to respond, poorly designed and provides a terrible user experience.


But, the analyst made sure the report users were involved from the get-go, organized thorough user-kick off and adoption sessions and proactively took care of after-service. Therefore, the report is actually getting used and important decisions are based upon it. As time goes buy, the analyst receives feed-back from the users and slowly but surely incorporates all the feedback and the report ends up perfectly aligned with the users info requirements!


In contrast, another data analyst built a wonderful report which has excellent performance, professional look-and-feel and is easy to use. The analyst is confident that everyone is going to fall in love with the report on first sight so nothing in terms of user adoption is done. After completion, the report is sent by mail and that's it.

No one uses that report! End of story.

At the end of the day, you don't need to have outstanding soft-skills in order for a Power BI project to become successful. You do, however, need to give explicit attention to the change management part of developing and sharing a Power BI report.