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A report starts with modeling all the raw data. You could say that you start arranging the data to then work with it in a fine way. Data modeling therefore usually takes place at the beginning of Power BI and is an important part when you start working with Power BI. In this data modeling course you will learn the main concepts of data modeling and how to apply them in Power BI. After this course you will know how to create models that are efficient, transparent and robust.

What exactly is the Power BI data modeling training?

The most important part of a Power BI dashboard is the model it is built on. You'll often retrieve one or more data sources that you then import and model into your Power BI model. In this 1-day training, we cover the theory of modeling data in general and how to do it well in the most common scenarios. You will learn how to structure tables and how to create relationships between tables.

This will include the following topics:

After the data modeling course, you will have learned to:

Understand why it is important to create a data model.

Understand the difference between fact tables and dimension tables.

Learn how to use the Power Query editor to prepare the data for a Star Schedule.

Understand how to create relationships between tables to create a Star Schema.

Distinguish between different types of fact tables.

Model data when the granularity of the tables varies.

Avoid overly complicated DAX.

Enable easy analysis and creation of dashboards.

Who is the Power BI data modeling training suitable for?

The Power BI data modeling training is suitable for people who already have basic Power BI knowledge. This can be through practical experience or by attending our basic Power BI training.

Cost of data modeling training

The cost for the Power BI data modeling training is € 250, - per participant. This is based on one day in-company. These costs are exempt from VAT.

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