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You've been working with Power BI for a while, but feel like there's more to come from it. In really complex situations you want to know exactly how to use Power BI. This is exactly what we will do in the advanced training. In this 2-day training we really go in depth, so Power BI will have no secrets for you. Power Query and Power BI itself will be discussed of course, but also the popular external tools Tabular Editor and DAX Studio will be covered extensively.

What exactly is the Power BI advanced training?

The Power BI advanced training is aimed at the experienced Power BI user who has been working with it for quite some time. We take your Power BI knowledge to the next level in our 2-day training.

The following topics are covered:

Power Query

DAX Patterns

Tabular Editor

DAX Studio

After the Power BI advanced training, you will have learned to:

Be able to use Power BI in more challenging scenarios

Master the Power Query Editor even when it goes beyond the standard user interface capabilities

Create and manage many and complex measurements and solve performance problems

Who is the Power BI advanced training suitable for?

The Power BI advanced training is suitable for professionals who have been working with Power BI for quite some time and really want to go into depth. If you have followed our PL-300 exam training you can also participate in the advanced training.

Costs Power BI advanced training

The cost for the Power BI advanced training is € 500,- per participant. This is based on 2 days in-company. These costs are exempt from VAT.

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