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During the 1-day Power BI DAX skills training, we show what exactly the DAX programming language is and how you can use it to enrich models. You'll learn to gain insight into data and we'll explain how the language works step by step. From the absolute basics to the more advanced topics. We will be doing a lot of exercises to make sure that trainees have enough hands-on experience with DAX after the training. This way, they will be able to put it into practice immediately!

What exactly is DAX skills training?

DAX is a programming language that allows you to perform analysis. This will give you insight into your data. You don't learn DAX by just doing it, it is really a requirement to have all the theory before you start working with it. The DAX Skills training covers all aspects of the DAX language that are necessary to use this language when working with Power BI. Besides using theory we will also do a lot of exercises to gain practical experience.

After the DAX skills training, you will have learned to:

Determine when to use a measurement and when to use a calculated column.

Aggregate a column in a measurement.

Aggregate a calculation into a measurement.

Use the different groups of functions within DAX.

Learn to use columns from related tables in a DAX expression.

Apply table functions.

Understand the difference between row and filter context.

Ignore the filter context with ALL.

Nest multiple evaluation contexts.

Use variables to make DAX code more readable and to get the right context.

CALCULATE to manipulate the filter context.

CALCULATE to trigger transition of evaluation context.

Who is the DAX skills training suitable for?

The DAX skills training is suitable for people who already have basic Power BI knowledge. Experience can be gained through practical experience or by attending our data modeling training.

Cost training DAX skills

The costs for the DAX skills training are € 250,- per participant. This is on the basis of one day in-company. These costs are exempt from VAT.

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