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"On compiling our reports we spend a lot of time and effort but it still remains error prone. We feel we can do better."

"We have a lot of data available, but lack the insight. What exactly is happening in our organization?"

Conclusions can only be drawn when you make measurements. These can be financial measurements, but can also be about personnel, marketing or sales, for example. And all that in relation to objectives. Power BI makes it possible to translate data into insight, so you know at all times how the organization is doing. In the form of interactive dashboards you can actually see what is going on, at any time. An interactive dashboard encourages action!

Hiring our Power BI specialists

Setting up and implementing Power BI is always custom work. Minova knows like no other how to perform this customization. Our Power BI specialists are officially certified by Microsoft and have years of practical experience in setting up and implementing Power BI at many organizations and companies.

Minova provides support for:

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