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I followed Marnix Jansen's course on Power BI at an internal ABN AMRO training in order to obtain my Microsoft PL-300 certificate. It was a very positive experience, not only the theoretical parts but also the practical exercises.
Furthermore the practice questions for the exam were extremely useful and thanks to him I was able to obtain a 9,3 for the exam.
In addition, after the course finished, I reached out to him to ask him for his help regarding a Power BI coding problem that I was facing and he gracefully offered his help which proved to me once again how knowledgeable Marnix is on Power BI.

I would highly recommend everyone who works with Power BI to take his course!

Rujia Wang

ABN AMRO | Data Analyst

Stichting BOOR provides public (special) primary education, secondary education and (secondary) special education in Rotterdam. A total of about 75 schools, where about 30,000 students are taught on a daily basis.

To ensure that we can make our decisions in a more informed way, Marnix helped with the introduction of Power BI within our organization. First he provided a number of training sessions and then he supported the development of our first dashboard.
He has shown himself to be a true expert by developing the entire "back end" of the dashboard with us: the connections to the data sources and the development of the data model. In doing so, he gave us the necessary advice for how we set up the process prior to Power BI. Furthermore, he showed us how to develop a dashboard that fits well with the needs of the users, can be operated in a user-friendly way and looks very professional.

Marnix is pleasant to work with and I highly recommend it!

Remco Verheij

BOOR Foundation | Management and Policy Consultant Housing & Purchasing Department

After we got our data warehouse and data quality in order, Marnix helped us leverage them for interactive clear Power BI dashboards that help both users and management to work and make decisions in a data-driven way.

He also enthused and trained the users to be able to apply Self-service BI to the maximum on this basis.

He knows how to combine knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and humor very well, which allowed us to achieve a lot in a short time, seemingly effortlessly.

Robert Kühne

WestlandUtrecht Bank | Manager Risk

Since 1953, Vistapaint has been successful as a supplier of paint specialties, putties and plasters. We do this with our own brands and formulations, but also with products from our partners. Over the years the company has grown into a major player in niche products for the paint and plaster specialist. With our colleagues we are constantly looking for growth. Whether it is personal growth, growth in our business or in that of our customers, we keep moving forward as much as possible.

In order to achieve this growth sustainably, we want to be able to manage on daily available, accurate dashboards that are easy to use. We engaged Marnix to realize those dashboards. He has used data from our ERP system in Power BI to build several dashboards that give us insight into the development of sales. But he has also helped with more operational insights by developing dashboards in that area. Marnix is a pleasure to work with, he always responds quickly when we ask him something and is a true expert.

Roderick Reichert

Vistapaint | Commercial Director

To provide our business with user-friendly reporting on our ERP system, Marnix created a link between our ERP system and Power BI and then developed a data model and interactive report. For another Power BI report, he combined Power Apps and Power BI so that users of the report not only receive information but can also provide data for the report. Marnix is pleasant to work with, has a thorough understanding of Power BI and can also be used by our Power BI users within the organization as a source of information.

Joyce Holla

Perfetti van Melle| Business Intelligence Director Business Unite Europe

We have recently incorporated Power BI into our curriculum. Marnix helped us by first training the relevant teachers in the field of Power BI. In addition, Marnix helped compile the material for the lectures and for the exam. Marnix is a true expert in the field of Power BI and I can recommend everyone to hire him as a Consultant or Trainer.

Richard Bakkers

Avans University of Applied Sciences | Teacher - Coach, Governance, Risk & Compliance

Agium creates valuable impact by establishing effective connections with ambitious clients and driven finance professionals. For every issue, Agium delivers the right expertise from a tribe of more than 150 committed specialists.

That is why we pay a lot of explicit attention to the development of our professionals. They are supported in this by our colleagues in ambition management to ensure that they are deployed on suitable assignments. But also by guiding them in their development through training & education. In the market we notice that Power BI knowledge is becoming increasingly essential for the financial. That is why we offer our professionals the opportunity to develop themselves in that area and why we have entered into a partnership with Marnix. At Agium we enjoy working with Marnix as a trainer. He trains various groups of junior to senior professionals in an enthusiastic way! It is nice to make appointments with Marnix and our colleagues appreciate the trainings as very valuable.

Bianca Person

Agium | Coordinator Business Support & Scrum Master

To give the MT of Rotterdam Zoo monthly insight into how we are doing in relation to our goals, Marnix has developed a Power BI model which is very easy to create and easy for us to use. He has retrieved data from various systems and processed it in such a way that the information it provides makes it easier for us to manage Blijdorp. Amongst other things he has developed a dashboard for our cell phones which is directly connected to our operational system. This means that employees can always see live how many visitors there are in Blijdorp and what turnover is generated in the various catering outlets and the stores. We are very pleased with the Power BI knowledge and skills that Marnix has brought to the table, he knows what he is talking about and can convey this with enthusiasm and energy. We are especially pleased with the way he has taught our people how to use Power BI so they can easily create their own insights.

Alexandra Dijk

Zoo Blijdorp | CFO

ING believes it is important to continuously invest in the development of its employees. Our playing field is changing rapidly and we want to make sure that our people stay ahead of the game. That's why we are an early adopter of Power BI and make sure that our people can learn about it. We do this by, among other things, offering various Power BI training courses, from courses for beginners to courses for advanced Power BI users.

We have been working with Marnix since the beginning. By now he has trained many professionals. His trainings are always rated very high; his Power BI knowledge is very strong, the material he developed offers a good structure and covers the right subject matter for each type of training, he knows how to bring the subject matter enthusiastically, provides a good combination of theory and hands-on exercises and encourages interaction during the training. In this way, he has contributed to the data fluency of our employees.

Jessie de Groot

ING Analytics | Analytics Academy

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