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You've completed your Power BI report, distributed it to report users and now you're done, right?

No, actually you are just getting started! 🚀 I have been a Power BI consultant for almost 7 years and in my experience, the hardest part of Power BI is producing a report that is actually used by your report users. Just sending an email to your users with a link to the report has to...
Flow Design a report

When you start developing a new report in Power BI, turn off your computer!

Sounds a little strange, I understand, but let me explain: Before you open and turn on your laptop, you want to make sure that you have first determined what you are going to do. Go low-tech! Technology only gets in the way of your common sense and creativity during this phase. Just use a...

Soft skills are more important than hard skills

When it comes to #powerbi, soft skills are more important than hard skills! Let me give you an example: A data analyst built a terrible report that is ugly, slow to respond, poorly designed and provides a terrible user experience. 👎🏻 But, the analyst made sure the report users were involved from the beginning, organized thorough user kick-off...

Combine multiple Excel sheets

How do you combine multiple Excel sheets in #powerbi, even when the structure is different? Learn all about it in this short video!

The four Power BI roles

#Powerbi users can actually be divided into four different roles. Read all about them in this article. Introduction When talking about "the Power BI user," I find it useful to distinguish between four different types of users. They all need a different approach when it comes to training, guidance, software and licensing. For...