Power BI


Add a row for every day in between two dates

When you have a table that contains events with a start and an end dat, you sometimes need to expand it out so that you have a row for every day in between the start and end date. This video will show how to do that both in Power Query and in Power BI.

IBCS ®️ P&L Waterfall chart using Charticulator in Power BI

In this video I demo how to create a waterfall chart for a Profit and Loss statement based on the IBCS®️ standard. I'll demo this in the standard Power BI visuals as well as in Charticulator. Using this standard it is far easier for report users to get insight into the financials of an organization.

The four Power BI roles

#Powerbi users can actually be divided into four different roles. Read all about it in this article. Introduction When we talk about "the Power BI user", I find it useful to distinguish between four different types of users. They all require a different approach when it comes to training, guidance, software, and licenses. For [...]