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What is data analysis?

To make the right decisions you need insight. And so you will need to do data analysis to gain insight from data. But how does that work? Read all about it in this blog! Retrieve data To be able to analyze data, it will first have to be retrieved somewhere. This [...]

Merge tables in Power Apps

Merging tables in Power BI can easily be done by using the functions for that purpose in the M and/or DAX language. See the blog post I wrote on that topic here. Power Apps does not offer these functions, so we have to merge tables by using Power Fx, the language used [...]

Why controllers will increasingly use Power BI

In an inteview with Controllers Magazine, I talked about the impact of Power BI for the controller's profession. June 21, 2021 by Henk-Jan Buist Although Power BI is not quite a replacement for Excel, the tool is used by more and more business controllers. This makes sense, because where Excel is primarily [...]

TopN and others in DAX and M code

To create a barchart that shows the Top 5 customers and all other customers combined in a sixth bar, you need to write some DAX or M code. In this video I will show both.

Maximize your productivity with the tabular editor

Once again I had the privilege of speaking at the Manchester Power BI User Group. This time about the Tabular Editor, learn all about it in this video.