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Maximize your productivity with the tabular editor

Once again I had the privilege of speaking at the Manchester Power BI User Group. This time about the Tabular Editor, learn all about it in this video.

DAX Optimization

A Power BI report can sometimes become slow. Very annoying for its users. Often this is due to slow DAX. How can you do something about that? Here is the video in which I explain this during a presentation to the Dutch PBI Users Group.

Save space on your Dashboard

When you build a dashboard in Power BI, you need to make sure your pages don't get cluttered. There are ways to save space in Power BI, watch this video to learn all about it.

Getting data from the web

When you're putting data from a website into Power BI, you'll encounter two problems. Learn how to deal with both in this short video.

Using TOPN in a DAX measurement

Using TOPN in a DAX Measure is more complex than you might expect. Learn all about it while improving your understanding of filter context in this video.